Meet the trainers:

🐾Intermediate – Janet: 

I have been a member of Silverthorn Dog Training Club since 2003 and an instructor since 2006. During my many years at the club I have taught all four classes but now concentrate on the intermediate and advanced, however I’m happy to cover the puppy and beginner classes when necessary.
I currently own five dogs, one is working towards the bronze award, one is working towards the silver and three are working towards the gold award. My previous two dogs both achieved the gold award at Silverthorn.
I hold a canine first aid certificate and am also a Kennel Club Bronze Assessor.

 🐾Beginners- Kate: Over the past 24 years I’ve gained most of my experience by taking part in dog training classes with my dogs. And shadowing the wonderful Janet Kingdom.

I believe that dog training classes I give allows handlers to gain their confidence, build good relationships with their dogs plus other members. Plus the dogs learn in a controlled environment.

Look forward to meeting you soon.