About us

History 🐾

Our club has been running for over 40 years!
What sets us apart from other dog training groups is that we like to make our members feel involved with the club. We also want to play a bigger part within the community and so we regularly fund raise for various dog charities. Our instructors are very experienced and will be there to help and advise whenever needed. When you join us, you will be asked to fill in a Registration Form and will be given a copy of the club’s constitution and rules. You will receive information leaflets that are updated on a regular basis. You will be asked to provide proof of your dog’s up to date vaccinations.

Committee 🐾

As the day to day running of our group is incredibly important to us. We have brought together a great committee of individuals who really care about the club and our dogs! They always play a part in group decisions and regularly meet to discuss events, the current status of the groups and ways in which we can make things even better!

Please see below for the members:

Janet Kingdon

Sherrie Chiswell

Ben Spencer


Committee Members

Becca Turnbull

Lucinda Spencer

Katie Alam

Ella May Clark

Jackie Bell

Terry Cornwall